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Issy and Jay's Freeze Dried Shop

Freeze Dried Sliced Pineapple

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Pineapple that have been freeze dried! 

29 grams  - packaged in a 5” x 8” Bag with gusseted bottom.

Preserving 97% of original nutritional value, freeze drying allows you to snack on your favourite tart and sweet pineapple at any time! Perfect for on the go snacking, or flavouring your favourite baked goods without the added moisture. A little goes a long way! 29g of our freeze dried pineapple is the equivalent of over 280g of fresh pineapple. Shelf stable thanks to their extremely low moisture content, you never have to worry about refrigeration. Our fruits are all single ingredient items that never contain added preservatives or colourants.

Manufactured in Red Deer, AB.