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Issy and Jay's Freeze Dried Shop

Freeze Dried Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

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Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich  that has been freeze dried!

Transforming the same ice cream you know and love with the power of freeze-drying to create a yummy new snack. Frozen in time, yet not frozen in temperature! The results of freeze drying everyone’s favourite treat gives you a delicious, crunchy, yet creamy sweetness that melts in your mouth, sandwiched between two chocolatey wafer cookies.

If you’re in search of the most amazing and unique sweet treat, look no further than our Freeze Dried Ice Cream Treats. Order a bag today and see for yourself why our customers can’t get enough!

Our ice cream sandwiches are freeze dried whole, but due to the lack of moisture they are now very fragile and break easily. They sometimes emerge from the freeze drier broken, or are easily damaged during shipping. Due to the fragile nature of freeze dried items, please be aware they may arrive in many pieces.